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Sports car hire - rent a classic MG B Roadster

self drive sports car
  • MGB Roadster British racing green
  • Chrome bumpers
  • 2 seater convertible car
  • 4 speed manual gearbox with overdrive
  • Leather interior
  • Choice soft hood or hard top available
  • Full leather tourneau cover
  • Full car rain cover for over night parking
  • Throaty exhaust - chrome tips
  • Improved performance and road handling
  • Easy and fun to drive
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MG's are a lot of fun to drive, perfect for a touring the Scottish Highlands or having fun around scenic Perthshire routes. The MGB Roadster offers slightly more width than the Midget and is quite snug in the winter with its hard top - it's up to your personal preference.
Comprehensive insurance for the duration of your hire and 24-hour breakdown service for total piece of mind.

Perthshire has some of the best roads in Scotland for open top touring - we have designed a few 100 mile tours to give you the flavour of the landscape!

self drive sports car

Not your 'classic' car rental :-) an exhillarating day, feeling every inch of the dramatic scenery. You really have to drive this car! its great fun.

Terrific day in a 'real motor car, highly recommend.

Seb Miller

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Classic car MG B Roadster

The MG B was launched in 1962 to replace the MGA and was produced until 1981. Over 500,000 were produced in total either as Roadsters (convertible) or as a GT Coupe. Most of the vehicles were fitted with a 1800cc petrol engine but there was also a MGC which was an MGB with a V8 petrol engine designed to compete with other muscle cars of the era such as the Austin Healey.

From the outset the MG was well received for its good looks and lines. In 1962 the design of the MGB was innovative and modern and used a monocoque structure as opposed to the usual body on chassis construction. Initially other components were carried over from the MGA and the engine was the B series 1800, a tried and tested motor, with twin carburettors.

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The MGB was an instant hit, with it great looks, lovely sound and affordable pricing. A real sportscar in the British tradition! The roadster has room for two and some luggage. With a low centre of gravity it is a well balanced car with good weight distribution. The ride is firm and sporty and it really handles well around the corners, with great instant steering response. With no power steering it is harder work at lower speeds but great on the open road. The MGB has a four speed gearbox and later models had 'overdrive' - an electronic switch to create an extra gear.

The MGB GT was groundbreaking in its design as one of the first to be designed as a 'hatchback'. The GT has a slightly softer suspension set up and makes for a different ride to the Roadster.

There were a few tweaks and updates over its life and a few special editions with unique paint colours. The biggest change came in 1974 to meet US regulations for crash testing. The result was to add large rubber bumpers, lift the height and revise the ride. These changes were not to everyones taste and now it is possible to buy a kit to change the MG from 'rubber bumpers' to the Chrome version.

The MGB is now an icon in British motoring history and deservedly loved by all. Good design, robust engineering and fun sum up the models and they are as desirable to day as they were in 1962